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Concern and commitment to continuously improving the semi-automatic MDS system

Two-in-one MDS Software

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Usability and simplicity to deliver a premium experience. Combine TiDose technology with DualBlist for a perfect formula with unbeatable results.

Software para Preparación de SPD DualBlist Gestor de pacientes y tratamientos TiDose Pro


MDS preparation

TiDose Pro ®

Patient and treatment manager

*Other compatible programs

DAC Farmatic Nixfarma MDS

Do you use Farmatic or Nixfarma MDS modules? Then there’s no need to switch software, DualBlist integrates with DAC Farmatic and Nixfarma MDS.

TiDose Pro® treatment planner

The most advanced and user-friendly management software

  • Treatment planning
  • Pharmaceutical control: treatment validation, detection of interactions, DRPs and ADRs
  • Stock and payment management
  • Full traceability: log of actions performed by each user
  • Interfaces and prescription management
  • Communication with care homes
  • Report preparation
Planificador de tratamientos TiDose Pro®

DualBlist preparation software

The moment of truth

  • Software that integrates all the information previously generated in the patient and dosage management program
  • MDS preparation following software instructions and LED guide
  • Custom label printing
  • Photographic log of each drug added to the MDS for subsequent review and validation
  • Automated batch and expiration log with the data matrix reader
Software de preparación SPD DualBlist

Regulatory Compliance

Simple, safe, and efficient

  • MDS product review and logging
  • Remote review by second person and possibility of marking the MDS in event of error detection
  • Good review practices via action logging
  • Unique market quality guarantee

Reports and Logs

You will have an extensive range of reports and action logs to provide full traceability of all MDS operations.

Confidentiality and security

Trust. Security. Reliability.

DualBlist protects the confidentiality and security of all information with its robust cybersecurity infrastructure.

  • All information stored in compliance with strictest cybersecurity and GDPR regulations.
  • Next-generation firewall technologies for filters between DualBlist and database.
  • The technological infrastructure used by DualBlist is audited by external organizations and complies with all the following certifications:

Google Cloud Platform certificates

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