The tech solution for MDS

Pharmacists by vocation

What is DualBlist?

Much more than a dispenser. A service.

DualBlist has been designed to make MDS preparation simpler, safer, and more efficient.

Who is it for?

Chronic, polymedicated, and dependent patients

With your help we can make this world a better place

What are the advantages of implementing DualBlist in your pharmacy?


Strengthen your roles as a health professional, taking one step closer to the Service-Based Pharmacy.

Boost loyalty

Boost customer loyalty through a service that improves their health.

Peace of mind

Process automation, with photographic logging, full traceability, and stellar customer service.

Higher Returns

Increase pharmacy turnover and productivity.

Simple, effective, and safe

New technology that facilitates pharmacy care

  • Photographic inspection of the doses
  • Batch and expiration logging with the data matrix reader
  • LED technology guided preparation
  • Automatic label printing
  • Interfaces with the primary management programs
  • Full traceability – What, Who and When?
  • Batch log and report preparation
  • Integrated SOPs

Because your patients are what really matter

Custom care and MDS preparation are key to improving treatment adherence and with it, patient quality of life.

Any questions?

Reach out to us now. We want to help!