Innovation and simplicity in MDS preparation

Simpler, safer, and more efficient

Dual Performance

The option to prepare 2 MDSs at the same time makes the process faster and more efficient. Speed translated into performance.

Performance up to



Number of blisters


half the time

DualBlist ofrece el software SPD más avanzado y fácil de usar del mercado

Maximum safety and precision

Thanks to its photographic control camera DualBlist automatically captures an image with the inserted medication. The photos are processed for subsequent review and validation.

Cámara máquina SPD para farmacia DualBlist

Advanced technology for a better customer journey

Guided with LED technology

Integrated barcode scanner for automatic batch and expiry date logging

The medications are verified using the barcode scanner

All-in-one. Say goodbye to extra accessories

Complete and minimalist dispenser with all accessories included:

  • PC
  • Data matrix reader
  • Photographic camera
  • 24-inch screen
  • Label printer
Máquina SPD completa y minimalista con todos los accesorios integrados

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